April 17-21

Welcome to a new week!

We are adding on a new verse to our BMV this week, due Friday:

We have new spelling words. These are for the Spelling Shreks:

These are the words for the other groups. They all have different numbers of how many to learn:

These are the bonus words for everyone:

This week we are finishing up learning how to calculate elapsed time in Math.

In Science, we have a test on the circulatory system on Wednesday, which the students have a study guide for (this went home Friday). Then we will be learning about the respiratory system. We have a field trip to the Science Center in Vernon planned for May 2, and will be focusing on 3 body systems when we go there. The field trip permission slip will be sent home today.

In Language Arts we are continuing to work on Poetry and are finishing up so we can start making our Poetry books.

In Social Studies we are starting to learn about the 7 continents and 5 oceans.

In Bible we are continuing to learn about Abraham.

We also have Peer Mentoring throughout the week and a fun Friday afternoon planned.

Missed School: reminder that if your child is sick and missing school they will need to catch-up on missed work. Missed work is left at their desk, and it is their responsibility to take it home and complete it. If they need clarification they need to ask the teacher, and if they need help, they can ask to stay in at a recess and the teacher will help them. If you know your child will be sick for a few days, feel free to drop by or email to pick up the missed work so they can work on it at home before they come back.

Reminders for the week:

Monday: Field Trip form coming home

Wednesday: circulatory system test, library

Thursday: Idiom Dress-up Day – all students dress up as idioms and be prepared to explain what yours means!

Friday: BMV due, spelling test, fun afternoon, wear as many shirts as possible school dress-up theme

Saturday: Community Garage Sale, Kidzone, Car Wash, BBQ, and more at the school from 8am-3pm. All proceeds go to grad. Should be a lot of fun!

By mramseysclass