Research Projects

We are well underway with our research projects, and have 3 weeks until we will be showing off everything we’ve learned!

Here are the parameters that have been set, and are being completed at school:

Everyone is researching something they are interested in and are becoming “geniuses” on their topic (thus why it is sometimes called Genius Hour).

Everyone planned out 5 key points that fit their topic question, that will show how much they know and have learned. These 5 key points are being turned into paragraphs.

All students have to write at least 5 paragraphs, using at least 3 different resources, and keep track of their resources. These paragraphs are being edited before they are typed up. The resources are also being typed up.

Students are creating tri-fold displays with their paragraphs, resource list, and pictures, and anything else that will help them to show what they’ve learned.

Students are also creating something to add to their presentation, this is mostly being done at home. For example, the student researching desserts will be making some desserts for viewers to taste. The student researching Lego is working on creating a big Lego structure. Some students are making pamphlets to show additional information that didn’t go into their paragraphs.

By the time they show off what they’ve learned, it should be obvious that they have gone above and beyond

and are showing great effort in what they have created, and that they are truly experts or “geniuses” on their topic.

By mramseysclass